João Guilherme Ripper - Compositor e regente
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o atual Presidente da Academia Brasileira de Música e diretor da Sala Cecília Meireles.

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Lista de obras divididas em orquestra sinfônica, orquestra com câmara, instrumento solo, conjuntos com câmara, música vocal e óperas.


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"Icamiabas", the admired and feared Amazon women: Cantata concertante — with poetry by João de Jesus Paes Loureiro — for soprano, cello, female choir and strings with piano obligato in a magnificent interpretation by Marly Montoni, Rafael Cesário, Lyric Choir and strings of Municipal Orchestra conducted by maestro Roberto Minczuk, at the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo.Watch the complete video at ... Ver maisVer menos
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"Oração para Denise" — one of the songs from the Portinari Cycle — orchestrated by Tibor Fittel performed by soprano Chiara Santoro and mezzo Luciana Costa et Silva accompanied by an orchestra conducted by conductor Priscila Bomfim. The orchestral version premiered at the concert "Vertentes Modernistas" at the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro and featured a special appearance by soprano Marina Considera, who left us prematurely two weeks ago. To Marina, this tribute.The complete piece is at #brazilianmusic ... Ver maisVer menos
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Duet of Merenciana (Beatriz Simões) and her daughter Josefina (Luíza Lima) who despair with the tyrannical regime of daily exercises and rehearsals that the Quintino (Jessé Bueno) imposes on the family. The opera fanatic wants the two to sing excerpts from their favorite operas every day and even wants Josefina to marry a tenor to expand her repertoire. "O Diletante" — a comic opera based on the play of the same name by Brazilian writer Martins Pena — was commissioned by the UFRJ School of Music for the 20th anniversary of the Ópera na Escola project. It premiered in 2014 at Salão Leopoldo Miguez directed by José Henrique Moreira and conducted by André Cardoso.The full version of "O Diletante" is at ... Ver maisVer menos
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The two last movements — Fugue and Finale (Theme) — of the "Variations on the Song of the Expeditionary", a popular tune sung by the Brazilian soldiers who fought in Italy during the First World War. I was privileged to have the OSESP string quartet premiering this work at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, in 2021.Emmanuele Baldini, violin IDavi Graton, violin IIPeter Pas, violaRodrigo Andrade, cello ... Ver maisVer menos
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I am very fond of the energy with which the Orquesta de Cámara de Valdivia | OCV performs the final rondo of my "Concerto for Five No. 1," for wind quintet and strings in this 2019 vídeo recording! Not only the rhythmic opening theme, but also the second one, a Guarania with a more lyrical and dance-like character. Due to the positive reception of the piece, the OCV, which was conducted at the time by Emmanuele Baldini, commissioned me a "Concerto for Five No. 2," this time for quintet and string orchestra, which Baldini performed with the Vortz Orchestra at the Sala Minas.#classicalmusic #brazilianmusic ... Ver maisVer menos
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